What Does a Clear Bra Do For Your Car?

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You’re driving down the road in your sleek new car when suddenly the car in front of you kicks up some gravel, sending it flying into your front bumper. This could cause some significant cosmetic damage and ruin your day.

For many Denver car owners, this scenario is all too real. Every day, thousands of cars are damaged in situations just like this. 

Don’t let this happen to your beloved new ride. Invest in a clear bra to keep your car’s high-strike areas protected.

What does a clear bra do? Read on to learn all about their benefits and limitations.

What Does a Clear Bra Do?

Clear bras, also known as paint protection film (PPF), are a polyurethane coating applied to the front end of a car to prevent minor damage. Its inside is covered in an adhesive that bonds directly to the car and the outside feature an engineered protective coating.

While you can apply a clear bra on your own, it’s always recommended that your bra installation be performed by a professional car detailer. They’ll be able to fit the PPF to your car most effectively, limiting the blistering caused by air bubbles under the protective coating.

Protection From Road Debris

The main purpose of a clear bra is to protect your car from damage from debris like gravel, rocks, and tree branches. With PPF installed on your vehicle, it’s highly unlikely that a brush with any of these things damages your car’s paint job.

The bra will absorb impact, oftentimes without any damage to the bra itself. PPF can last for years, giving you peace of mind while you drive down the freeway.

what does a clear bra do for your car?

Protects Paint From Chemical Reactions

Certain chemical reactions can permanently mar a car’s paint job, leaving you with a hefty bill at the detailers. Fortunately, the polyurethane of a clear bra can stand up to the most common causes of these reactions.

For those in snowy climates, road salt is a significant threat to paint jobs. It can easily corrode unprotected paint.

Even though some states like Colorado use less corrosive substances, a bra offers unmatched protection against the salt-brine mixture used on major highways.

Another corrosive reaction that affects car paint comes from bird droppings. The uric acid slowly chips away at the top layer of paint, eventually making its way to the base coat. PPF prevents this from happening.

Bras can also stand up to the sun’s UV rays, keeping your paint safe from their oxidizing effects.

Door Ding Paint Chip Protection

Door dings are an infuriatingly common occurrence, but your clear bra can help mitigate some of the damage from them.

It might not prevent dents, but the PPF will stand up to the paint damage caused by someone accidentally bumping your car with their door. It’ll keep the paint intact so all you’ll have to do is have the dent repaired.

Helps Car Retain Value

A clear bra not only protects your car but also protects your car’s value. Cars with pristine appearance are worth much more than cars with serious paint defects.

You might not be planning on selling your car any time soon, but protecting your investment is another reason to spring for PPF.

what does clear bra do for your car

What Does a Clear Bra Not Do

Clear bras offer exceptional protection against chemical reactions and minor scrapes and scuffs, but their abilities are limited. Keep these in mind when you install one on your car.

Can’t Last Forever

Clear bras are among the longest-lasting paint protectors, but you’ll need to replace yours at some point. Expect to get around 7 to 10 years out of a clear bra before it’s worn out.

However, the longevity of bra paint protection is incredible when compared to other options. Wax can only last 6 months on average and other chemical paint protectors seldom last longer than a year.

Clear bras are also prone to fading after years of use. You’ll have to either replace the bra or find another way to enhance its appearance.

Doesn’t Protect From Major Damage

While PPF does a great job protecting your car from minor scrapes, it’s not a forcefield around the car that prevents all damage.

It won’t do anything for you if you’re in a major car accident or if a large rock impacts your vehicle. It’s there to protect your car from minor cosmetic damage.

Doesn’t Always Self-Heal

Some clear bra manufacturers over-state the self-healing capabilities of their bra products. This means that some scratches and scuffs will be visible in the PPF. Of course, that’s much better than getting a scratch on your bumper.

If these minor scratches are a concern of yours, you’ll need to replace your clear bra. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to buff these scratches out, as the polyurethane material that composes the clear bra is damaged.

How to Improve a Clear Bra’s Performance

If you’re looking to install a clear bra on your car, you’re serious about protecting your car’s appearance. For added protection, consider applying a ceramic coating on top of your clear bra.

This kind of coating can dramatically improve the performance of your clear bra. It forms a water-resistant barrier. Water will run right off this extra layer, which helps your car stay cleaner for longer.

A ceramic coating gives you more than just another layer of protection. It can also make up for some of a clear bra’s biggest issues. Ceramic coatings protect the clear bra from the sun, so it won’t fade as quickly and your car can retain its glossy shine.

Clear Bras From Pro-Tech Auto Shield

Applying a clear bra is the best way to protect your vehicle and its paint.

What does a clear bra do? It can prevent damage from road debris like small rocks, keep the paint safe from things like UV rays that cause chemical damage, and help your car retain its value.

Just be mindful of a clear bra’s limitations and you won’t have any issues.

Ready for your clear bra installation? Pro-tech Auto Shield has you covered. They have years of experience in the detailing industry, installing everything from window tint to clear bras. Reach out to get a quote today.

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