Detailing your car in Denver is something that every car owner thinks about doing but never does. That’s because it can involve a lot of work. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could actually end up doing more harm than good. That’s why you need the services of a business like Protech Auto Shield. Instead of worrying about finding the time to detail your car, you can simply bring your vehicle to us.

We will do all the hard work for you, ensuring that your car has that spotless feeling when you come to pick it up. What more could you ask for from a Denver detailing session? Before you decide to bring your car in, you should learn a bit more about detailing and what exactly it entails. That way, you will know what steps to take to ensure that your car gets the specific look you’re going for.

Car Odor Removal Ozone Treatment Denver
$99.99 per Hour
Denver Arvada Vehicle Dog Hair Removal
Starting at $69.99

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Deep Clean Interior Detail Truck Vehicle Denver
Starting at $229.99

The Ultimate Interior Detail is our most in depth interior detail. This is for those that want that brand new look and feel for every surface of the interior. We go through the nooks and crannies of your vehicle and ensure it is as clean as humanly possible without damaging any surface or using any harsh chemicals. Trust Pro-Tech for the best auto detailing Wheat Ridge has to offer!

This package takes 4-8 hours to complete and includes a full interior vacuum, carpet and seat shampooing via extractor, headliner gently cleaned with special brushes and detergents, thorough scrubbing of interior panels, steam cleaning, leather and plastic conditioning, and all glass cleaned. Upgrade the plastic and leather conditioning to Ceramic Pro interior package for increased protection against spills and stains.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the vehicle.
Interior Detail Wheat Ridge
Starting at $59.99

The Basic Interior Detail is for those that don't need a full in depth interior detail but still want a quality job done.

This package takes 1-3 hours to complete and includes a full interior vacuum, wipe down of interior panels, and all glass cleaned.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the vehicle.

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What Is Car Detailing?

If you don’t have a clear idea of what car detailing really is, you’re not alone. A lot of people think it just involves cleaning, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what we offer. While we will clean your car during a car detail, we do so much more than that. First, we do a complete and thorough car wash. This process is more intensive than a normal car wash since we are targeting specific areas and making sure everything is sparkling like new. The idea is to leave our shop looking like you just drove your car off the lot.

Interior Detail Denver

Benefits of Interior Detailing Services

Then, depending on what your specific vehicle needs, we take the process even further. This usually involves hand drying the vehicle in a manner that prevent nicks and scratches and that gives the car a special shine that you can’t get anywhere else. Then, cosmetic problems are handled. While this does not include major repairs, any small problems will be taken care of with no problem.

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